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The Sound Academy
February 11, 2012

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1975 - The Boyz

Michael White, George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Wild Mick Brown (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Monte Zufelt

This was my band, "The Boyz". The song "Night Boyz" was recorded in 1975 and produced by Paul Ratajack (years later he produced Oingo Boingo). This track was one of three songs that were recorded at that session. The session was booked by Kim Fowley (but paid for by us) who was managing us at the time. Kim was a creative genius who wrote & produced with "Kiss" and others. He booked us on many shows with his bands "The Runaways" and "Venus & the Razorblades". A good friend, Rodney Bingenheimer, played this track a lot on his Los Angeles radio show on KROQ-FM (known as K-ROCK) in 1976. Info

Night Boyz

Promotional Tape

MP3 (128 kbps)

1.00 mb

1987 - 'Michael White'

Debut album released on Atlantic Records catalog # 781753 produced by Mack (Queen, ELO) featuring Bobby Chouinard & Alan St.Jon (Billy Squier), Curt Cress (Meatloaf, Saga, Passport), Claus Heuser (BAP), Scot Gaines, Rick Dellefield, Danny Bilan (Moxy, Wild T & the Spirit) & Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.)

This album was recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. This was the first release from my debut album on Atlantic records. It went to top 10 in Toronto and got regional airplay throughout the United States. I understand it is still played the odd time on KLOS-FM in Los Angeles from the fact I still get royalty cheques.

Psychometry Compact Disc MP3 (128 kbps) 812 kb

1988 - Robert Plant

Robert Plant on rockline radio USA answering a question regarding what new band he thinks is going to take over where Led Zeppelin left off. In his response he mentions 'The White'...although he alludes to the fact that we are doing a tribute to Led Zep and deal with history not the future. Still, it's good to get a mention from the man himself! Thanks Robert.

Rockline Interview FM Broadcast

MP3 (128 kbps)

375 kb

1988 - Accept Demos

Featuring Wolf Hoffmann (guitar), Michael White (vocals)

Please note: I have received some e-mails from people who were offended with my comments below. My comments are meant to be amusing and for persons with a sense of humour. No offense is intended or implied. Enjoy the clips!

This was an audition tape I did for the German band "Accept". I replaced their singer, Udo, who left the band in 1987 for a solo career that lasted a lunchtime and quickly filed him under the letter "U" in the cut-out bins...coincidentally (if not for the letter "V") right next to my solo album. Just kidding...mine went straight to out of print.

Balls To The Wall

Demo Tape

MP3 (128 kbps)

1.67 mb

"This is me singing with the German band "ACCEPT" produced by Dieter Dirks (of Scorpion fame) for the 1990 album "Staying A Life". I was the singer with Accept for a short time in 1987 until I asked how much money I was getting paid. When the answer from their manager was, "Money? Vhat money?...have a schnitzel.", I returned to L.A., parting ways with the band und allowing zem to continue looking for another German singer to murder zah English langwich. Two years, three dictionaries and a coughed up check later they finally found a replacement. Ohh zose zany Germans! I didn't want to tour with them anyway...too many tour bus rules...and they kept wanting me to wear that stupid helmet with the spike on top...

 Is It Love?

Demo Tape

MP3 (128 kbps)

1.08 mb

1990 - Michael White - 'The White'

Griffin Catalog # GN1290-1 produced by David Glover (Yes, Tom Waits, Wallflowers) featuring Phil Bolene, Danny Bilan, Gene Stout, Sylvian Tellier, Greg Bennett, Susan Bennett, Jon Sampson & Randy Piper.

This album was recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood and this is my version of the great song by Led Zeppelin. You will notice it has it's own groove that speaks for itself. I am very proud of it and have to thank the band for this killer arrangement. Also the outrageous guitar solo was courtesy of my good friend Randy Piper (of WASP fame).

Communication Breakdown

Compact Disc

MP3 (128 kbps)

895 kb

2003 - Michael White And The White - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin - Studio Sessions Volume One

Originally released in 1994, this album was not my idea but I welcomed the challenge... and the paycheque. It was commissioned by Griffin records out of Chicago whose idea it was to record exact copies of Led Zeppelin songs to license for movies and commercials. Their plan failed, but I now have this album to show for the experience. Thank you Griffin. These songs speak volumes as to why "The White" have been able to please Led Zeppelin fans for so many years. I have to thank Led Zeppelin for writing some of the most inspiring songs in the history rock of music. I learned a lot of production techniques while recording this album. Volume Two is coming soon!

Goin' To California

Compact Disc

MP3 (128 kbps)

1.14 mb

Immigrant Song

MP3 (128 kbps)

923 kb


MP3 (128 kbps)

1.07 mb